Satellite Imagery

Satellite Imagery

GeoNorth, a wholly owned subsidiary of the Tatitlek Corporation, is the only company in the US to own and operate its own Direct Receiving Station for the full constellation of Airbus satellites (SPOT 5, 6 & 7, Pleiades 1A and 1B, TerraSAR-X, and TanDEM-X). We are not simply a reseller of imagery services, but rather have a unique relationship with Airbus Defence and Space that allows us to priority TASK (and download date) all AirBus Constellations – SAR and OPTICAL. Additionally, our northern hemisphere location (Fairbanks, Alaska) provides us with download speed advantages due to increased satellite passes.

Its investment in the partnership with Airbus Defense and Space positions GeoNorth as an industry leader in providing remote sensing services to a customer base that spans a diverse spectrum from the US Defense and Intel segment to state and local entities to global energy companies. Offered in conjunction with its already established line of services in GIS and web application development, GeoNorth now offers its customers an integrated set of solutions for end-to-end geospatial decision making.

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