2022 Cultural Heritage Week Planning (Winter 2022)

The pandemic threw a wrench in our cultural gatherings. We recall watching the news closely in February and March 2020 and making the gut-wrenching call to cancel our 2020 event. In 2021, we were able to have a mini gathering for local students. We’ve also been able to create online virtual traditional arts classes that continue today. Still, with the changes, we do miss our CHW family.

Making these decisions was not easy but our traditional values to protect our children, elders, and community held steady. Since then, the pandemic landscape has changed a lot. With testing, treatment and vaccinations readily available, we see hope on the horizon. With that said, we are optimistically but cautiously planning 2022’s CHW in-person from May 8th – 14th.

We are planning for half of the capacity and half of the classes, and we will have many safety measures in place to minimize chances of spreading the virus.

Some measures include:

  • Require vaccinations for instructors and participants
  • Require masks for indoor classes with no ventilation
  • HEPA filters in classes and sleeping areas
  • Testing before travel
  • Daily tests
  • Spread out sleeping arrangements
  • Spread out classrooms

At this time we are working closely with the Tatitlek Community and continue to watch the ever-changing situation including the infection rate, local outbreaks, and hospital capacity. During the March board meeting we will make a determination if it is safe to host an in-person event. If the in-person event is canceled, our team is working hard to increase our virtual capacity to host our first ever VirtualCHW during the same dates.Until then, we hope your new year is a safe and healthy one!