2022 Cultural Heritage Week Planning (Winter 2022)

The pandemic threw a wrench in our cultural gatherings. We recall watching the news closely in February and March 2020 and making the gut-wrenching call to cancel our 2020 event. In 2021, we were able to have a mini gathering for local students. We’ve also been able to create online virtual traditional arts classes that continue today […]

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Ipineq Days

Ipineq Days (Happy Days) is a community engagement campaign that was a collaborative project created through the Chugach Regional Response Group (“CRRG”) weekly meetings. CRRG consists of leaders from organizations within the Chugach Region dedicated to the collective efforts to come together to prevent the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) and to protect the people […]

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Coho Subsistence Resource Enhancement 

The Coho salmon subsistence resource enhancement project will continue in 2021. Valdez Fisheries will coordinate with our local hires to kick off the 2021 Coho release. This includes stocking and local release of juvenile Coho salmon, near Tatitlek. Valdez fisheries will deliver the Coho fry in May. Transported by cargo vessel from Valdez Hatchery, the […]

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Tatitlek Land Surveillance

The trespass prevention program will once again begin in May and continue for most of the remaining year. The Tatitlek Corporation (“TTC”) owns 108,166 acres of land in reasonable proximity to the Native Village of Tatitlek (“Tatitlek”). The land includes much of the primary subsistence harvest area traditionally used by Tatitlek. TTC and Tatitlek share […]

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Coho Stocking Project

The Tatitlek Corporation (TTC) recognizes the immense cultural significance of a traditional subsistence lifestyle and has established a number of programs to support various aspects of subsistence preservation and enhancement. Since 2009 TTC has collaborated with the Tatitlek IRA Council to execute the Coho salmon subsistence resource enhancement project. The Coho salmon subsistence resource enhancement […]

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Sheri Buretta Appointed to CMF Chairman

In June 2018, Sheri Buretta was appointed to the position of Chairman of CMF. Sheri currently serves as the Board Treasurer for The Tatitlek Corporation and is also the Chairman of the Board for Chugach Alaska Corporation. Sheri is committed to creating educationalm and cultural preservation opportunities for TTC shareholders and Tatitlek Village community members. […]

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