Facilities Operations and Maintenance / Installation Support Services

The Tatitlek Corporation, through our select wholly-owned subsidiaries, is a full-spectrum facilities, logistics and business management services provider delivering facility O&M, facility and equipment preventative and recurring maintenance, plant operations, mobilization/demobilization support services, range management services, janitorial services, transportation services, warehousing services, grounds maintenance, supply services, facility infrastructure maintenance and repair, maintenance, repair, alteration and minor construction of real property facilities, and mail services.

Tatitlek maintains over 4 million square feet of government property at military bases, federal installations and commercially owned property throughout the U.S.  Our Operations and Maintenance (O&M) teams of technicians, mechanics, and engineers maintain vital federal agency infrastructure. Tatitlek procurement and acquisition specialists work with our project managers, logisticians, and inventory specialists to procure and maintain facilities and critical government furnished equipment.  Our O&M personnel follow well-developed standard operating procedures (SOP) in health/safety, procurement, maintenance, transportation, and logistics in order to maintain and ensure high quality standards of service.

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