Tatitlek Land Surveillance

The trespass prevention program will once again begin in May and continue for most of the remaining year. The Tatitlek Corporation (“TTC”) owns 108,166 acres of land in reasonable proximity to the Native Village of Tatitlek (“Tatitlek”). The land includes much of the primary subsistence harvest area traditionally used by Tatitlek. TTC and Tatitlek share a common interest in stewardship and protection of TTC land and associated resources. The program will seek to deter trespass violations from TTC owned land and will focus on:

  • Deterrence of game hunters, campers, recreational hikers, and other unauthorized access
  • Prevention of environmental damage to TTC land
  • Preservation of the subsistence resources of Tatitlek

The program will also provide significant benefit to the local economy of Tatitlek. The trespass prevention program will employ four seasonal part-time employees. Their duties will include:

  • Patrolling TTC owned land, both by boat and by foot
  • Ensuring environmental protection and waste removal through diligent monitoring
  • Examining credentials of any persons accessing TTC land
  • Educating the public on the rules of infraction regarding trespass and the proper way to acquire permits for entry to TTC land
  • Coordination of effort with local, state, and federal agencies
  • Placing and maintaining “no trespassing” signage
  • Drafting reports on local land damage or theft, as well as documenting any unusual occurrences